Through the TUN initiative, we want to use our expertise as successful entrepreneurs to inspire, motivate and support our state on its path towards becoming a climate-neutral region. We are actively involved in our companies, invest in visionary projects, motivate our employees, pass on our know-how, swap ideas and help each other. In other words: we accept responsibility.

TUN was founded by seven companies in Vorarlberg: ALPLA, Haberkorn, Gebrüder Weiss, Pfanner, Rhomberg Bau, Schwärzler Hotels and Sutterlüty. We have taken the first step and still have a long way to go. We know that change will be a rocky road at times. But we also know that the journey will be worthwhile for all of us.


Anyone who wants to help us change the future of our state can do so now. Our goal is a broad, open and transparent movement. Members of the TUN association profit from its know-how and mutual exchanges. Specialists develop the status quo and an individual roadmap for every company on the path to climate neutrality in workshops and analyses.

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We present our projects, discuss ideas and projects, talk about opportunities and challenges and provide an insight into our company plans. You can find all of our events here.


We support our members with texts, folders, ads and posters for internal and public communication.

The feasibility of the Green Deal model region of Vorarlberg was evaluated by numerous experts in autumn 2021 on behalf of the "Moll, des goht" association and summarized in a booklet. The TUN association builds on these findings, among other things.